Thursday, October 2, 2008

Children's Art and Poetry Contest

The Pheakkley blog is having a contest for children aged 12 and under to share their art work and poems.
I submited a drawing by Jojo (age 3). I think it is wonderful what they are doing over there and wanted to share it with you. Even if you don't have a child who can enter, please try to spread the word!
The more people who participate, the more fun we will have!

Children’s Art and Poetry, open to anyone 12 and under!

Winners will be announced November 3rd and take away cool prizes like fair-trade toys and original art by Etsy sellers!

This contest is intended to spread laughter, smiles, happiness, love and general feelings of euphoria and joy throughout the online communities we are a part of.

Please submit up to 3 scanned/photographed images of the child’s artwork and poems via email with the words “Children’s Art and Poetry Contest” in the title to:

Entries should include the child and guardians first and last names and location. You can exercise any rights here as guardian as to what information you want shared, and what information you want kept private. PLEASE add special HIGHLIGHTED notes with any specific requests and instructions with your entries.

Any relevant Etsy or blog usernames you subscribe to as guardian should also be included (links would be helpful so that Pheakkley can do some advertising for you).

Brief explanations or comments on the child’s poem or artwork, as well as candid photographs of the child would also be appreciated, but are not required. All information given with express permission is subject to use as content on this blog.

You will receive an email receipt confirming that your entry has been received. One submission per child will be considered, posted and up for review by the general public. If you have submitted more than one entry, they will choose for you. And this time, it’s your votes that count, so tell your family, friends, and co-workers to get in on the fun!

While you are at it, I entered a poem myself in last week's call for poetry by grown-ups! You can go vote for me here, in the left side bar. My poem is called "For My Boys" by CanCan!

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