Monday, August 4, 2008

Go Green: Back to School provides teachers, administrators and parents with action plans for creating greener, healthier, more socially responsible schools and children. As a result of this combined effort, our children will learn how to make decisions that benefit their communities, the environment and their own lives.

Sponsored in part by Kiwi Magazine, offers a wealth of resources for helping your school (and your student) to go green one step at a time. You can find a list of green school supplies (Office Depot brand folders make the cut!), advice on starting a school garden, starting a recycling program at your school, tips on packing a healthy lunch, and a waste free lunch guide.

Teachers and parents can also find ideas for how to teach concepts of social responsibility (and why it is important)! I find that children love to be a part of a cause and are usually very eager to do what they can when they learn about recycling or fair trade. There are also some free download able activities for kids from Kiwi Magazine.

You can send your child back to school in an organic cotton or hemp school uniform from Kid Bean. Don't forget a backpack made from recycled drinking bottles, and your little scholar will be on his or her way to saving the earth!


Lilith Silvermane said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kiwi Magazine!!!
I have a subscription to it, and it's one of my luxuries! Relaxing in the man chair on a Thursday night and catching up on my reading..

Thanks for the sweet words about the poor Issa and her fingers! It was so scary :)

Sage and Savvy said...

Thanks for sharing the info. I need to look into Kiwi Magazine and

btw--thanks for all the tips on where to post the giveaways! appreciate it!!!