Sunday, August 3, 2008

Eco-Friendly Birthday Parties

I was so excited to find among my discoveries when I was browsing through the Bloggy Carnival last week.

Modern birthday parties, as we know, generate A LOT of waste. The typical birthday party results in a mass of disposable plates, cutlery, napkins, cups, balloons, wrapping paper, banners...the list goes on and on!

One Mom And A Party sells eco-friendly party supplies in a variety of festive themes. Check out the super cute Flip Flop Party Set (pictured) that includes a fabric flip flop table cloth, stripy napkins, and flip floppy goody bags.

I am totally smitten with the White Stars Napkin makes me want to have a tea party! I'm also looking forward to the Birthday Banners that are supposed to be "coming soon"! Think of it: a unique fabric, washable Happy Birthday Banner that can be reused for YEARS. That is a family tradition starting, my friends!

My favorite thing about One Mom And A Party, though, is not the super adorable table linens: Terry has assembled a wealth of FANTASTIC ideas for throwing an eco-friendly party of just about any type!

You can look at a list of possible themes for an Earth friendly party (do you prefer a Montessori party? Indoor? Outdoor? Destination? Take your pick!). Once you choose a theme, take a look at the Activity Ideas page. After that, you can plan the menu with the Eco-Friendly Party food section! But Terry didn't stop there (she is amazing)! You can look at ideas for a Baby Buffet (for a first birthday), Toddler Party Foods, Picnic Foods, Healthy Birthday Cakes (say what?), and even Free Recipes!

I can't wait to use One Mom And A Party as a planning resource for my next birthday party! Maybe I'll start planning RIGHT NOW!

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Sage and Savvy said...

Such great products you feature! I'm trying to become "green" myself (I still feel I'm "light green,") but I'm glad I found your blog!