Sunday, March 30, 2008

Step by Step

"Going Green" is a positive trend in our society at present. I embrace the principle, but for our family "going green" isn't going to happen overnight.
We are just beginning the process. I hope to try and integrate "greening" into various aspects of our life in a step by step sort of way.
This week my project is to sort through all of our possessions and sell things things that we don't need or want anymore. After we have done the big clean-out, we can seek environmentally friendly products as needed.
I don't mean to rush out and buy a ton of stuff. I don't think that consumerism is good for the environment in general.
One thing I would like to find balance in is the area of my children's possessions. My own mother saved a lot of my toys and clothes, so they have all of my "recycled" kid stuff. I wonder if it is appropriate for me to sell some of these things in order to get money and free up space to buy things like organic clothing and toys. I feel that selling the old stuff is at least recycling. I couldn't bear just dumping anything useful in the trash. I have too much of a guilt complex to ever do anything like that.
Anyway, the journey starts here.

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