Sunday, March 30, 2008

Go Natural, Baby!

Have you ever listened to some one rave about how wonderful a certain (expensive) product is, and wondered to yourself, "How great can it really be? And even if it is THAT awesome, is it really worth $x.XX?"
But then you actually try on the cashmere sweater. Or the designer sunglasses. Or you take a bite of the gourmet truffles. You realize there IS a world of difference between your Dollar General sunglasses and REAL quality.
I have experienced this recently when I received this hand made basket.
Besides the attractive design, this basket is woven of soft elephant grass fibers. The handle is wrapped in hand-tanned leather. It smells like an open field on a breezy spring day. It is a piece of art!
Sometimes my desire for a good bargain meets conflict with my desire for high quality, eco-friendly, and socially conscious products. Things like this beautiful basket push me closer to the good.

The basket was a special Easter item from Go Natural Baby. At their online store you can find Fair Trade and organic cotton clothes for babies and children up to age four. This mama-owned company helps you by "bringing the richness of organic cotton and the values of fair trade into the lives of our children". What a worthy goal!

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