Saturday, October 10, 2009

We Got A Blog Award!

Green Babies Blog gave MY GREENING and these other great blogs a Lovely Blog Award:

1. Suzy Q Homemaker

Blogs about her family with 4 boys. She makes some beautiful hand sewn and knit items. I especially loved her post on natural childbirth!

2. Green Mamas Pad

A mom of three documenting her journey to going green. She does reviews and giveaways as well as documenting green news.

3. All About Cloth Diapers

So many cute and informative posts on anything you want to know about cloth diapering and all its accessories!

4. The Simplistic Mom

Nominated my blog for this award! She talks about everything from cloth diapers, to sewing, to eco-friendly fridays! All wonderful environmentally friendly tips!

5. Natural Mommie

Great giveaways of some fabulous natural products!

6. My Wee View

A mommy writing great product reviews on all things baby and family!

7. Dirty Diaper Laundry

Great cloth diaper giveaways. Many videos on all different kinds of cloth diapers. Also some great babywearing info!

8. The Green Mom Review

Great recycled and natural product ideas and reviews for children.

9. The Cloth Diaper Report

Great cloth diapering tips and giveaways. Lots on info on diapering accessories, baby wearing, and other earth-friendly products.

10. Green and Clean Mom

Great green ideas for the whole family.

11. My Greening

Lots of eco-friendly giveaways/reviews!!!

12. Modern Organic Mama

A mother of three, from Santa Fe not only going green, but trying to save money while doing it. She and her husband are starting a gelato company, mmm….I love Gelato!

13. Mommy Words

Cute and funny posts about a mother and her family.

14. 5 Minutes for Going Green

A blog with the goal to pass on great green ideas to move towards a more sustainable way of life!

15. Our Life Upstate

A cute blog about family life. She’s a natural mommy and also does some great reviews and giveaways. She’s also a fellow cloth diaperer!!

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Kathleen W. said...

Look at you! Resurrecting My Greening just in time for Halloween. :)

Thanks for the links!

Brittany at Mommy Words said...

Wow thanks! I am now following you from!

Green & Clean Mom said...

Oh, thank you! What a sweetie and an award right back at you! Smooches!