Friday, October 24, 2008

Huge Handmade Giveaway Alert!

I love handmade giveaways, mostly because I don't have very many crafty skills of my own. Sure, I can make stain glass windows, but those aren't the best "hand made gift". And do my children appreciate them? No.

Over at Indie Fixx, there's a HUGE array of handmade goodies up for grabs in the Autumn Cornucopia giveaway.

There are not ONE but TWO prize packs filled with indie and handmade stuff.

There are two ways to enter.
1). Blog about the contest.
2.) Post the link of where you found the contest (as in, this blog post).
If you enter with #2, we BOTH win!

You can enter more than once, too, so if YOU blog this contest after entering, let me know and I will re-enter using YOU as my link. Got it?

Also mention your favorite product sponsor in your comment and in your blog post.

I am already a fan of Sublime Stitching and would love to have some new patterns from Jenny Hart! Chronicle Books also has some great crafty reads up for grabs!

Go enter the giveaway HERE!
Be sure to copy and paste the URL for this post to tell them "My Greening" sent you!


D-Ann said...

Wow! this is such an amazing giveaway! I linked you. I am also going to link you to my blog ok?

Seeryus Mama said...

I found this post from my google reader! Yup, I'm a subscriber.

I love the Becky Oh bags. Oh my goodness...they are fab-u-lous!!