Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Magical Loaf Studio

Roll up, roll up for the Mystery Loaf! Roll up, roll up for the Mystery Loaf! The Magical Mystery Loaf is hoping to take you away....

I am a big fan of The Vegan Lunchbox blog, and she has a great resource for creating vegetarian entrees on her site that she designed called "The Magical Loaf Studio".

You can choose from a check list of various ingredients, select the ones you have on hand and MAGICALLY generate a loaf recipe!

I think that these would also be suitable for forming into burger patties as well.

I have been a vegetarian for a very long time, but have only in the past few years discovered a wealth of vegetarian recipes that are healthy, inexpensive, and fun to eat (not just rice and beans, though I do enjoy that on occasion, too!).

Have fun designing your Magical Loaf (you get to name it, too)!

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Rebecca said...

So what kinds of loaves have you ended up with, and what did they taste like? I invented a vegetarian loaf once. It involved lentils and turnip broth. Let's just say it wasn't much of a success.

Thanks for this tip. The Vegan Lunchbox is a great site, even for non-vegetarians. (Well, I am a vegetarian, too, so maybe I shouldn't speak for non-vegetarians--but it does have many creative lunch ideas!)

I'm glad you have joined us over at the Green Baby Guide for Thrifty Green Thursday this week!

Penny said...

I like that blog too :) I'm not vego but I'd be very happy if she made my lunches!! LOL!

My favourite vege burger is made from aduki beans and rice. And Burger Fuel do a really good marinated tofu one.

Kathleen said...

That is so awesome! I will definitely be using that site when I am standing in front of the pantry trying to be creative with dinner and cans of beans and jars of grains.

Amanda K said...

What fun veggie ideas! I should try some of those out. I am always looking for new things to make. How did yours turn out?

Thanks for leaving me a comment and linking to my blog birthday giveaway! It is always fun to meet new friends around blogland!