Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My 3-year-old on Homelessness

Jojo, do you see that man over there? He doesn't have a house. He has to carry a lot of stuff because he doesn't have a house to put it in.

Jojo (in a serious voice):
"he don't have a house. but he can't go to the store because houses don't live at the store? but what can he do? we can buy he a clock but he don't have a house. he can't go to his mama. when he was a baby he have a house."

Where does he sleep?

"he sleeps outside."

Where does he go when it rains?

"he gets a umbrella."

He can't take a bath because he doesn't have a house with a bathtub.

"he can take a bath in the rain. he needs to go to the beach to dry off."

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Green & Clean Mom said...

What a great interview. Children always see things so differently but at the same time so truly and honestly.