Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Little Organic Cotton Model

I need to post these fresh-off-the-memory card pictures that I took today of the debut of baby D's new organic terry cotton clothes from Go Natural Baby's Zah Collection!
Am I the only one who thinks everyone looks great in a kimono top?
If I had a girl I would want her to wear this: It's the Keiko dress. Presently I have two boys and zero girl children, so I will have to be satisfied with kimono shirts instead of cutie-pie dresses.

Baby D was a little unsure about touching the sand. This is our 4th day at the beach! I guess he just needs more time to wrap his little baby mind around the "sand" concept.
He was, however interested in playing with his fair trade Gathering Basket. I love this basket. The fibers are soft and it even has the wonderful smell of sun-dried elephant grass.
Don't worry, we didn't pick the sea oats! We just had lots of fun exploring and enjoying a fun morning in the sand!
We are fortunate to be staying in a place with access to a more natural section of the beach. It is in between two large, protected areas. We are seeing lots of gulls and crabs and not a lot of people or rubbish!


Lilith Silvermane said...

So jealous.. that outfit is ADORABLE!!!

Reese.Mom07 said...

So adorable! My Girl may need that dress :-)

half pint pixie said...

He's so so cute, and I love the girl's dress!