Monday, May 12, 2008

How To Recycle Almost Anything

I have a very hard time throwing away things. I mean, I'm not OCD (am I?), but I just don't want to waste anything.
Some people give me grief for this, saying things like, "What are you going to DO with THAT?"
My usual reply is, "I don't know...but I'm sure it's good for SOMETHING."

Thankfully, I have found a website called How Can I Recycle This? answer to my "what to do?" dilemma!

If you get stumped, you can post a query on the website, such as, "How Can I Reuse or Recycle Meat Bones?" and other readers will give you suggestions.

I got some good tips about reusing yogurt containers, unused tampons, and body scrubbers just browsing the site.


Cathy said...

thanks for this info--I'll definitely check it out. I hate to throw stuff away, too, and there's only so much you can recycle, unfortunately.

Green & Clean Mom said...

Now I'm the opposite. I cannot stand clutter or junk. I am all about recycling and giving it away. If I don't have a use for it someone will. I'm a charity junky. I give everything to my local charities. Great resource though. When I taught preschool I did have this mentality to some degree.