Monday, April 14, 2008


I should have a little sense of shame and avoid talking about recent purchases after my little "stop shopping" diatribe from yesterday, but I don't.
Actually I wouldn't call it a "diatribe"; it was more of a "time of reflection".
Anyway, what did I buy on my Birthday Excursion to Target? Toys. For my kids.
I couldn't resist. I found a super-adorable eco-friendly line of animal figurines called ANAMALZ.
I bought a zebra. We named him Zeebz (we aren't very good at original names).

Zeebz and all of the other Anamalz are made in Australia from (sustainable) plantation wood. They are painted with non-toxic, water-based paints. They are glued with formaldehyde free glues. They are painted by hand and put together by hand, and not in a sweat shop, either!
These are the kind of toy that I LOVE. Eco-friendly, high-quality, safe materials, and oh-so-adorable: anamalz are at the top of my list currently.
Look at these other cuties on my Anamalz wish list:

When I bought Zeebz he was packaged in cardboard. I was curious about the packaging, because the Anamalz company strives to be Green in their choices of materials and processes for toy making. I contacted the company and asked what that card board was all about, and here is what I found out:

Firstly, as we are 100% committed to producing environmentally friendly toys, we didn’t want to package our anamalz at all ,and they are usually sold in stores on an individual basis. They are displayed on an “anamalz” stand, and sold from there, rather than in the boxing you’ve seen. The only store which has boxing is Target USA, as this was necessary as part of their stockist requirements. That said however, it must be noted that the packaging used for our Target USA stock was 70% recycled cardboard.

I'm a bit disappointed in Target over this, as I was thinking how the packaging was very unnecessary. But at least it is recycled cardboard that I in turn re-recycled.

To get my spirits up I had a look at this cute animated music video featuring a song about elephant anamalz. And here is a non-official anamalz video that made me chuckle. Enjoy!

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