Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Green Travel

The folks at MyGreening are packing for a trip to the beach!
I starting thinking about what changes we could make in order to be more eco-friendly on vacation.
Here are our strategies:

  • we will bring our cloth diapers
  • we will bring our own cloth napkins. This will cut down on paper waste during meals.
  • we are bringing 2 slow cookers so that we can make meals but no one has to slave in the kitchen while everyone else is frolicking on the beach. This will save natural gas by not using the stove, and save gasoline by not driving to restaurants. It also saves time and stress!
  • we are NOT using "travel sized" toiletries. These result in more throw away containers.
If you are planning a beach trip, check HERE before you purchase sunscreen. You can view the Cosmetic Safety Database to check if your sunscreen is free from hazardous chemicals. I think that is good to know!

The Matchbook Garden Giveaway is going great! I'm excited to be able to introduce my readers to a new, fun, green product!

1 comment:

Debo Hobo said...

OMG I never thought of bringing a slow cooker with me on a trip. That is a fantastic idea. Save money and time! Thanks:)