Sunday, April 6, 2008

Buying BPA free Kids' Cups

The baby bottle collection at our house has been sorted. I tossed offending sippy cups and pacifiers.
For my 3 1/2 year old, I opted for a Sigg bottle. He got one 0.3 L size and one 0.4 L size.
He is so proud to take his little 0.3 L Sigg bottle to preschool. It has a cool look and it keeps his milk cold and free of toxins!

Our Sigg bottles were purchased from Reusable Bags. have a nice selection of some of our favorite products...things that we have AND things that we wish we had!

The baby bottles that my 7-month-old was using were replaced with Nuby brand cups on the safe list at The Soft Landing.
I felt that he was too old for a glass bottle (since we are in the beginning of the self-feeding and throwing/dropping phase) but too young to handle a non-pliable sippy cup. The Nuby 10 oz 2 Handle Cup with Soft Silicone Spout:
Have you searched your sippy cup collection for unsafe plastics? If you are new to the BPA issue, check out Z Recommends: Catching Up on BPA to get yourself up to speed. Z Recommends: National Toxicology Program Concurs "Some Concern" with BPA Exposure.

Thanks to Z Recommends and The Soft Landing for making it easy to navigate this tangled web of plastic!

Read the Tupperware Plastics Information at Z Recs.

New BPA free Nalgene bottles!

Lots of help from The Soft Landing:

Maybe you can WIN a BPA-free sippy cup: Green & Clean Mom: WIN 2 BPA Sippy Cups- A review and a sippy good time!

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